Our Air Purifiers
Destroy 99.97% of Pathogens!
For homes
(up to 3000 sq ft)
HEPA for homes
(up to 3200 sq ft)
For rooms
(up to 1500 sq ft)
For small rooms and
bathrooms (up to 500 sq ft)
For cars and travel
(up to 500 sq ft)
Logo hepa
For homes
(up to 3000 sq ft)
HEPA for homes
(up to 3200 sq ft)
For rooms
(up to 1500 sq ft)
For small rooms and
bathrooms (up to 500 sq ft)
For cars and travel
(up to 500 sq ft)
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Filter-less purifiers that destroy Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Smoke, Odors and Allergens!
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8 million
devices sold
32 years
producing air purifiers
3 years
manufacturer's warranty
Removes upto 99.97% of all known airborn contaminants!
Each device has been tested in variety of surroundings:
If you are troubled with one of the environments below, then our purifiers are for you
Do you live near a factory or polluted area filled with exhaust fumes?
Clean air immediately after the first launch of the purifier. 0% harmful contaminants in the air
Do you have a pet?
Our air purifiers will eliminate every unpleasant odor, even animal dander
Do you reside in a smoky area?
No more smoke, burning smell and harmful impurities in the air
Are you a senior?
Improve your well-being and health with clean air
Have allergies or respiratory condition?
Air free of pollen, dust, impurities, or irritants
Dark spots on your walls due to high hummidity?
Get rid of them once and for all with the help of our purifiers
Mmmm ... It's like I'm in the woods after a thunderstorm. Wow!
This is what 97% of customers say after their first use of our purifiers.
This thunderstorm effect means the air is clean and safe.
It is achieved with 3 steps of our own proprietary technology
Active-Ox oxidation
All impurities are oxidized and destroyed. That includes Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, even Fungi and Mold!
Bi-Polar Ionization
Bi-Polar Ionization Technology to recreate nature's ion balance indoors and remove dust from our breathing zone!
RCI photocatalysis
Combining the power of the UV light with geometry from the hives of bees, Photocatalytic Oxidation is a potent method to help purify your air.
Now the air is clean
and 100% safe for you to breathe!
When a trioxygen molecule comes in contact with any organic or chemical binding in the air it uses that third active atom to break that binding and neutralize it.
Air purifiers that generate only negatively charged ions are past-century purifiers. The ratio of negatively charged ions and positively charged ions in nature is 3 to 4. Three positively charged ions to four negatively charged ions. That's why bi-polar ionization is important. We don't want to have too many positively charged ions nor we want to have too many negatively charged ions. We want to recreate nature's ion balance indoors.
This technology produces superoxide ions that hit pathogens both in the air and on surfaces disrupting the lipid envelope and/or capsid and destroying the virus!
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Fresh Air Black
Height 12 ″
Width 9 ″
Depth 12 "
Action area:
150 – 3000 sq ft
Cleaning plate generation:
0-360 mg ozone/hour
12 lbs
Available in colors:
Fresh Air Classic HEPA
Height 11.4″
Width 8.2 ″
Depth 10.3 "
Action area:
150 – 3200 sq ft
Cleaning plate generation:
0-500 mg ozone/hour
12.6 lbs
Fresh Air Box
Height 6,5 ″
Width 6,5 ″
Depth 7 "
Action area:
50 – 1500 sq ft
Cleaning plate generation:
0-200 mg ozone/hour
3 lbs
Compact Ecozone
Height 4.4 ″
Width 4.4 ″
Depth 1.8 "
Action area:
30 – 500 sq ft
Cleaning plate generation:
0-219 mg ozone/hour
8 oz
Height 1.2 ″
Width 4 ″
Depth 6 "
Action area:
10 – 500 sq ft
Cleaning plate generation:
0-100 mg ozone/hour
8 oz
5 reasons why customers have been using our purifiers for years
Quiet Operation
Our air purifiers use a very quiet 5 speed fan, similar to a laptop fan!
Programmable Away Mode
Use our air purifiers on maximum settings for heavy duty jobs while you are away
Easy maintenance
Less than 10 minutes to clean.
Ease of use
Operate the devices with touch buttons on the front panel or from a distance using the remote control
Top Rated Air Purifier for Killing Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Smoke, Odors and Allergens!
24 Billion+
cleaned daily with our
Fresh Air Purifiers
It's a little more than the area of three New York Cities
Feedback from our clients
  • Nataly Michaels
    Hello, package arrived very quickly. Delivery time took only one day. Packaged well. Since recently i have been working in a sewing workshop, faced with a problem of dust and stuffiness. I was suffocated by the end of my shift. Today i put this ionizer near me and worked all day with the feeling that it was open window was nedt to me ,Fresh breeze blows from the sea. I'm satisfied, thanks to the seller and the manufacturer.
  • James Bish
    It's cool to walk around the house and feel fresh... the son recently came home from college for the weekend and said: "How nice you smell, there is no more dog smell"... when I open the door, it smells like inside... I just don't I can say enough how good it is... and the price was optimal!
  • Bogdan Sazonov
    I'm using there ionizer for 2 years. Useful for a disease like (kills bacteria, the rest of the family don't get sick ).I started to have an allergic cough .when I knit something from mohair or pure wool. I set the unit around 20-30 inches away and my cough disappears.
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Contact us and our managers will answer all your questions and will help you choose an air purifier taht will be right for you!
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